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"Do I Need to Worry About Radiation From Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Devices such as the EnjoyingPhones?"

is a common question we hear a lot.

If someone wants to know answer and the possible health concerns surrounding Bluetooth, they’re told by Google:

  • “Cellphone radiation” is dangerous, buy these protective trinkets!
  • Bluetooth increases the risk of cancer.
  • Bluetooth headphones cause nerve cell death.
  • Wireless tech increases the incidence of a rare tumor called a schwannoma.
  • Bluetooth and other RF tech increases incidence of autism, ADHD, and behavioral disorders.
  • Bluetooth can microwave your brain like, you know, an actual microwave.
  • Bluetooth headphones cause depression.
  • Cellphones can cause a drop in male fertility.

Any normal person looking at all that would be horrified. And why shouldn’t they be? EnjoyingPhones and other similar Bluetooth devices are going to fry their brain, make them sterile, and give them cancer?! But is that really true? Seems like someone would have noticed that and done something by now, right?

    Let’s try to piece it apart.

    Firstly, can Bluetooth devices like EnjoyingPhones cause cancer?
    No—at least, not in a way that we know of yet. The ability of Bluetooth to harm someone boils down to its ability to affect cell function, and/or its DNA. However, Bluetooth isn’t a type of radio frequency electromagnetic radiation (RF EMR) capable of damaging your DNA on its own.

    In order for radiation to cause cancer in a cell, it has to break the bonds of the molecules that make up your DNA to the point where the information is changed upon cell division. The way to do that is with a certain type of radiation called “ionizing radiation.” When ionizing radiation damages your DNA, it knocks electrons out of atoms and molecules, changing the properties of the atoms and breaking bonds in the DNA’s component molecules. Should enough radiation of that type be applied, it’s possible to damage the DNA enough that errors happen when the cell reproduces—potentially causing tumor cell growth.

    Bluetooth is what’s called non-ionizing radiation—because it can’t knock electrons out of the base molecules in your DNA needed to replicate your cells. Other types of non-ionizing radiation are visible light, FM and AM radio, your microwave, and more. This type of radiation much different than ultraviolet light, gamma radiation or rubbing yourself down with enriched uranium. While many of the studies cited on Facebook groups contain some anecdotes of tumors being grown among heavy wireless users, there’s no proven link between cancer incidence and the levels of RF EMR emitted by Bluetooth headphones.

    When the WHO says that non-ionizing radiation like cell phones and Bluetooth use is “potentially cancerous,” that classification is reserved for chemicals, items, and conditions that show:

    "Limited evidence of carcinogenicity in humans and less than sufficient evidence of carcinogenicity in experimental animals

    OR Inadequate evidence of carcinogenicity in humans but sufficient evidence of carcinogenicity in experimental animals

    OR Inadequate evidence of carcinogenicity in humans and less than sufficient evidence of carcinogenicity in experimental animals, but with supporting evidence from mechanistic and other relevant data" — WHO

    We don’t know that it’s totally impossible, but saying that it’ll never happen is selling short our ability as humans to do… impressively unwise things.

    Also note the graph below comparing cell phone usage which has obviously spiked compared to cancer which has stayed relatively the same. There doesn’t appear to be a relationship between cell phone use and cancer incidence as a whole. So... in conclusion, as of now, there are NO reliable studies that prove Bluetooth causes cancer no matter what crazy Facebook moms might have you believe. So... don't worry, listen to ASMR with the EnjoyingPhones, enjoy music, and live life.

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