Different types of ASMR | EnjoyingPhones

So... you just got your EnjoyingPhones! What are some genres you should watch to enjoy them fully?

Here are some of our favorites:


Whispering is the most common type of ASMR, and really a perquisite. Talking in a normal voice is not at all relaxing. Whisper can be seen in almost all videos unless specifically specified otherwise. There are videos dedicated just for whispering or included in roleplays, story-telling, and more!


Tapping is great because it is very versatile. You can tap on almost anything! Tapping is also usually accompanied by long fingernails.

Visual Triggers

Despite what you may think, visual triggers are amazing. ASMR and tingles are not limited to just sounds! These include hand movements and things like brushing you with a make-up brush.

Personal attention

Personal attention and physical attention are a great way to experience ASMR. These include unbroken attention such as doing your make-up, haircuts, and more!

Hand sounds

Hand sounds are great because they are so basic. The most popular type is finger flutters. There are many others just as finger rubbing, popularized by Dr.T ASMR!


This is by far the team's favorite. Especially cranial nerve exams and haircuts! Roleplays are based on real word scenarios where you experienced tingles long before you knew what ASMR was!


Some people are disgusted by watching people eat but others find it relaxing. It can also be found using the term Mukbang. 

In Conclusion

ASMR is a awesome. It can help you unwind, relax, and so much more. We are so grateful for the awesome community too which has let us and product, the EnjoyingPhones grow so quickly. ASMR has so so many videos so you're sure to find artists and genres that you love!

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